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Modding Theory : CTP2 Ideas & Suggestions : The best of all worlds : Cities


City Capture
Ideas & suggestions concerning capture and disbandment of cities.

City Expansion
Ideas and soulutions for creating suburbs/expanding cities

City Ruins
Ideas and suggestions for creating city ruins

Ideas and suggestions concerning buildings (city improvements).


A new city capture option for CTP2 This small mod allows the human player and only the human to destroy a city afterwards it was captured ... started by Martin Gühmann
City revolts As in history, it is not solely civilian contentment that effects political and civil upheaval in a nation as is modelled in all the Civ games it seems. Rather it is an important factor along with others, including: nationalism/culture/religion, greed, power struggles, social upheaval and so on ... started by Hone Heke
CityMod2 I am working on CityMod2. I want to add to Harlan's city architectures (Castle and Central American Pyramid) and the Industrial age a style of my own. An Egyptain pyramid style. started by Martin Gühmann
Crime and punishment Is it just me, or is the LAST thing you consider for a city a courthouse ... started by Bluevoss
Exchange city A discussion about variations of exchanging cities ... startded by Kill1Frenzy
Moding in City Unhappyness The game does not give negative effects for population in regards to happyness ... started by Bluevoss
New City Graphics Most of these are a conversion from Civ3. I've based it on Martin's CityMod2 so it should be compatible with that and Cradle. started by E
Transferring Food between cities? One of the things I loved about CIV2 was building a caravan and when ariving to a city, you could place as a trade good or put into building a Wonder or even transport food to another city ... started by Grandpa Troll

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