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Modding Theory : CTP2 Ideas & Suggestions : The best of all worlds : Economy


Corporations Code: What do you think? You’re starting a corporation named as your civ when you research Corporation ... started by Pedrunn
Good Possibilities Here I like to talk about everthing that is or could be possible to do with trade goods in CTP2. started by Martin Gühmann
GoodMod: The Mod of Goods GoodMod contains 32 new trade goods in addition to the 22 allready existing ones up to a total number of 54 goods. It also provides to each good tile food, production and comerce ... started by Martin Gühmann
Pedrunn's Trade System Ideas for modding the goods & trade system ... started by Pedrunn
Slave Trading Well as the name says I have found a way in theory to allow for the trading of slaves inside you empire ... started by The Big Mc

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