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Modding Theory : CTP2 Ideas & Suggestions : The best of all worlds : Various Features


Ideas and suggestions concerning land- and sea-mines

Natural disasers.


Battles should destroy Tile Improvments Tile Improvments should be destroyed (pillaged) in a battle over them. That would add such a good and realistic feature ... started by Pedrunn
Civ Series Settler TI Building I caved in. I suppose it's mainly to shut the Civ series fanatics up. Well here it is. The Civ Series Settler. started by Dale
Civ3 Mod It has become apparent lately that a Civ3 mod is very doable, in fact a great deal of the work has already been done ... started by centrifuge
Famous People of History Maybe think of it as a preview of these generals and folks that Civ3 says it will have ... started by Dale
GlobeSat It would be a great idea to make an improvement that does what the Globesat does. I mean, it is really unthinkable that future civs wouldn´t know everything geografical about the plantet! started by Depp
Immigration Immigration should be a thing in civ-type games. Therefore, my next big project is going to be to implment immigration into CTP2. Now I'm looking for ideas on how this should be implemented ... started by Dale
Making exploring more of a task Dale for his AoM mod has come up with a good idea on how to make exploring more of a task and not just a standard thing that is done by the player in an unrealistic fashion ... started by SMIFFGIG
Pillbox and Barbed Wire: from Scenario to Mod Pillbox and Barbed Wire transformed from the 'invasion of France-scenario' for use as a Mod or Mod-component. In this version pillboxes don't need special unit types for being activated, they become functional when 'garrisoned' by any infantry or artillery unit of their owner. started by BureauBert
Revolutions Why is it that only one city will form a new civ with no units after a revolution? I think this is silly. After most revolutions that I`ve heard of there has been massive civil wars and toppling of governments and such. Is anyone thinking about this for a new mod? started by AweZoZo
Ruins Here are a few suggestions: Ruins leading to maps, Ruins leading to death, Ruins leading to barbarians, Ruins leading to goods, Ruins leading to other ruins ... Well any more suggestions? started by The Big Mc
Sabotage! One of the things I miss most (from Civ2) is the diplomat/spy's ability to perform acts of sabotage. Is there any way this can be implemented via SLIC? started by ajbera
Those who have fallen before us Is there any way to make losing units and/or population have a negative effect on happiness ? ... started by joe77
Visible Capital Adds to Locutus' capital code the eye-candy of a visible capitol building next to each player's capital city. In "ancient" times an "ancient" capitol is built, in "modern" times (once the player has discovered electricity) the player gets a modern style government building ... started by BureauBert
Wonderful Reality (Visible Wonders) Its been a long long road, but I am ready to release the first version of the Visible Wonders Mod. started by Immortal Wombat

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