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Modding Theory : CTP2 Ideas & Suggestions : The best of all worlds : Terrain


Ekmek TileFile
Introduces Sn00py's terrain and a lot of additional graphics from Civ3 to CTP2


Bridges In civ2 you could only build road on terrain with river on it, if you had discovered the advance (bridge building). This is a good and logical idea ... started by SMIFFGIG
Creating Canals Now, we can build canals without having to invoke some cheat code on good ol' Mother Earth. We use bulldozers and explosives ... started by dexsquab
Hidden undersea terrain Does anyone know if there is any way to hide the undersea terrain until a player gets submarine technology, as it was in Ctp1? It's a feature I miss ... started by lev
Less square Terrain mod Is someone interested in working with me in a project to make the CTP2 terrains (specially beaches) less square? started by Pedrunn
New terrains? What terrains would people want to see? From what I've come across in doing this "dam" map is that ctp2 or any civ game doesn't really provide a large enough selection of terrain types ... started by OmniGod
So you want to create a bridge? Or a town? Well I was tooling about ... started by OmniGod
TerrainDiscombobulator Don't you sometimes just hate the default CTP2 maps? They're so ordered, clumped and sometimes they're downright hideous. This SLIC script tries to address these glaring inconsistencies by adding a little bit of variety to most terrain types ... started by Devil of Truth

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