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AE Modding Wiki : Database : GoldPerCity

Text file: Building.txt

How Used: Flag; add text GoldPerCity followed by an integer (+ or -) to a building.

How it Works: GoldPerCity multiples the integer you specified in building.txt and multiplies it by the number of cities you have multiplied to the maximum number of cities you are allowed to have for your current form of government

Game Function: With the integer being negative it creates a gold cost to cities, representing administrative costs, there by making gold and budgeting more difficult and practical. it is similar to how cities require upkeep in Civ4 but more flexible because buildings still have costs. It encourages smaller empires (except if the AI has NoAIGoldDeficit)

Mods Implemented: Civ3mod by E. Capitol has a GoldPerCity of -2

Similar code: GoldPerUnitSupport

Implemented by: E

Page last modified on May 22, 2009, at 03:05 AM
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