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SLIC-Reference : Functions : Cities : Action


- CTP1 - messages only
- CTP2 - can be triggered (events)
- CTP2 Apolyton Edition  
  - tested
- broken, obsolete - working

AddBuildingToBuildList (city, buildingtype) void       Add the building type to the end of the city's queue
AddEndgameToBuildList (city, endgame) void   Add the endgame object to the end of the city's queue
AddPops (city, count) int       Increase the population of the given city by count
AddSlaves (city, number, player_victim) void   Takes number citizens from player_vitim's cities and gives them as slaves to city?
AddUnitToBuildList (city, unittype) void       Add the unit type to the end of the city's queue Apolyton-thread
AddWonderToBuildList (city, wonder) void       Add the wonder type to the end of the city's queue
CantAttackCity (city, onoff) void       Make the specified city immune to attack/capture if onoff is not 0, set it back to normal if 0 Apolyton-thread
CaptureCity (player, city) void     Unimplemented according to the original documentation - seems to be supposed to increase the player's strategic preference toward capturing the specified city
CityCantRiotOrRevolt (city, onoff) void   Make the specified city immune to riots and revolts if onoff is not 0, set it back to normal if 0
ClearBuildQueue (city) void       Remove all items from the build queue of the given city
CreateCity (owner, nearlocation, distance[, savecity]) int       Create a city belonging to owner, at approximately distance tiles away from nearlocation
CreateCoastalCity (owner, nearlocation, distance[, savecity]) int   Same as CreateCity, but always finds a square next to ocean
DoCannotAffordMaintenance void     Does nothing
DoCertainRevolution void     Does nothing
DoCityWillStarve void     Does nothing
DoFreeSlaves (city) void   Frees the slaves in city
DoSellImprovement void     Does nothing
FinishBuilding (city) void   Finish building a settler that was stopped because building it will disband the city
FreeAllSlaves void     Frees a city's slaves
KillBuildingFromBuildList (city, building) void   Removes the building type from the city's build queue
KillCity void     Takes away population until the city is dead
KillEndgameFromBuildList (city, endgame) void   Remove the end game object type from the city's build queue
KillUnitFromBuildList (city, unit) void   Removes all occurances of that type of unit from the city's build queue
KillWonderFromBuildList (city, wonder) void   Removes the wonder type from the city's build queue
Liberate void     Gives the city to good old barbs
SelectCity (city) void   Select the specified city as if the user clicked on it
SetAllCitiesVisible (player) void   Makes all cities visible to the player
SetCityVisible (player, string_id) void   Makes the city identified by string_id (e.g. BARBARIAN_CITY_1) visible to the player

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