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SLIC-Reference : Functions : Diplomacy : Information


- CTP1 - messages only
- CTP2 - can be triggered (events)
- CTP2 Apolyton Edition  
  - tested
- broken, obsolete - working

AtWarCount (player) int   Returns the number of civs that player is at war with
AtWarWith (player1, player2) int       Returns 1 if war has been declared between player 1 and player 2, 0 otherwise
CanFormAlliance (player, foreigner) int   Returns 1 if player and foreigner can form an alliance, else 0
EffectiveAtWarCount (player) int   Returns the number of civs that player is effectively at war with (effective regard < 100 = HOTWAR_REGARD)
EffectiveWarWith (player1, player2) int   Returns 1 if first player is effectively at war with second player (effective regard < 100 = HOTWAR_REGARD)
FindCityToExtortFrom (player, foreigner, max_value, cityvar) int     unimplemented
GetAgreementDuration (player1, player2, int-agreement) int       Returns the number of turns the first player has had this agreement with the second
GetBorderIncursionBy (player1, player2) int   Returns 1 if second player is trespassing on first player
GetCounterProposalResult (sender, receiver, player, type) int   Like GetNewProposalResult
GetDesiredAdvanceFrom (player, foreigner, min_cost, max_cost) int   Returns the AdvanceDB index of the advance player would desire most to buy from foreigner at a price from min_cost up to max_cost ??
GetDesireWarWith (player, foreigner) int   Returns 1 if player desires war with foreigner, else 0
GetEffectiveRegard (player1, player2) int     Returns regard adjusted for being at war (how much does first player like second player)
GetEmbargo (player, foreigner) int   Returns 1 if foreigner has an embargo on player, else 0 (or -1 if no contact ?)
GetLastBorderIncursion (player, foreigner) int   Returns the turn that foreigner last trespassed on player
GetLastColdwarAttack (player1, player2) int   Returns the number of turns since second player last coldwar attacked (goals with coldenemy target?) first player (9999 if never)
GetLastCounterResponseArg     unimplemented
GetLastCounterResponseType (player, foreigner, first/secondtype) int   The returned INT is the NewProposalDB index
GetLastHotwarAttack (player1, player2) int   Returns the number of turns since second player last hotwar attacked (goals with hotenemy target?) first player (9999 if never)
GetLastNewProposalArg     unimplemented
GetLastNewProposalTone (player, foreigner) int   Returns 0 = Magnanimous/Kind, 1 = Friendly/Equal, 2 = Obsequious/Meek, 3 = Naughty/Indignant, 4 = Hostile/Angry
GetLastNewProposalType (player, foreigner, first/second_type) int   The returned INT is the NewProposalDB index
GetLastResponseType (player, foreigner) int   Returns 0 = RESPONSE_INVALID, 1 = RESPONSE_REJECT, 2 = RESPONSE_ACCEPT, 3 = RESPONSE_COUNTER, 4 = RESPONSE_THREATEN
GetLastThreatResponseArg     unimplemented
GetLastThreatResponseType (player, foreigner) int   Returns: 1 = THREAT_DESTROY_CITY, 2 = THREAT_TRADE_EMBARGO, 3 = THREAT_DECLARE_WAR
GetNewProposalPriority (player, foreigner, proposal-int) int   Returns the priority for the proposal as determined by the current diplomactic state that player takes toward foreigner
GetNewProposalResult (sender, receiver, player, type) int  
GetPollutionLevelPromisedTo   unimplemented
GetPublicRegard (int_player1, int_player2, int_type) int   Returns player1's public regard toward player2 - the last int is a REGARD_EVENT_TYPE, use REGARD_EVENT_ALL = 7 to get total regard
GetStopResearchingAdvance (player, foreigner) int   Returns the stop advance database index, -1 if there is no such advance for whatever reason
GetTributeFrom (player1, player2) void   Returns how much tribute (in gold) player 1 got from player 2
GetTrust (player1, player2) int   Returns how much does first player trust second player
HasAgreement (player1, player 2, int) int       Returns true if player 1 has agreement with player 2 specified by index
HasAgreementWithAnyone (player, agreement-type) int   Returns true if the player has an agreement of the specified type with anyone
IsHostile (player1, player2) int     Obsolete
LogRegardEvent (int_player, int_player, regardDelta, regardEvType, ID_string, duration) void   regardDelta is the amount to increase the first player's regard towards the second by Apolyton-thread
RegardLevel (player1, player2) int   Return player 1's regard toward player 2
TurnsAtWar (int_player, int_player) int   Returns -1 if they've never been at war and otherwise what it says (0 means they are now at war)
TurnsSinceLastWar (player1, player2) int   Returns the no. of turns since the last war between player 1 and player 2

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