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Chat With C:CTP Designers; December 5th, 1998

[DanQ] A member from our audience would like to know the the types of governments in the game.
[Necro] The 1st government is Tyranny.
[Pinkbelly] The game has eleven governments.
[Necro] Then there are 3 ancient age govt's
[Pinkbelly] Tyranny, Monarchy, Theocracy, Republic, Communism, Fascism, Multinationalism...
[Necro] Each government has its own feel.
[MarkG] Multinationalism?
[Pinkbelly] Democracy, Technocracy, Ecotopia, and Virtual Democracy.
[Pinkbelly] Multinationalism represents the time in the near future when corporations form their own governments.
[Necro] Players should pursue a single strategy and advance through the govt's that are of the same kind
[Farside] My fav right now is Multinationalism.
[Necro] But, they are free to switch gov't to a radically different strategy, as if in a coup.
[MarkG] Benefits of Multinationalism?
[Pinkbelly] Imagine a world where GM, Toyota, and Volkswagen got together and formed a single government.
[Farside] Money Money Money!!
[Necro] But, there's always Theocracy and Technocray, great unconventional warfare govenments
[Farside] Its a big cash and production governemnt, a little low on sicence
[Lemur] or Microsoft and Sun
[Farside] and bad for the environment
[MarkG] Benefits of Virtual Democracy?
[Necro] Some governments allow special units that other governments cannot produce -- cleric, fascits, televangelist...
[MarkG] Goverment specific wonders?
[Farside] VD is the Science Government. If you want all Dimond age science you may need VD.
[Necro] Some govt's are better at production or expansion, but have less science advancements.
[Dr_No] My favorite is Technocracy...build the AI entity and turn the people into mindless slaves!!! Great for Production too.
[Pinkbelly] In Virtual Deomcracy, your people are truly free and equal. It is a very happy, creative government.
[Pinkbelly] Naturally, the happy, creative citizens make for rather poor soldiers.
[Farside] Technocracy is good, but I want my Citizens to love me.
[MarkG] Mindless slaves in Technocracy? I thought is was about science?
[Dr_No] yes and production
[Dr_No] its a less friendly gov than VD...ideal for the AI entity Wonder
[Farside] That with a wonder of the world that turn them into Mindless Slaves.
[Pinkbelly] In technocracy, the rich are very happy -- the poor are implanted with behaviorial circuit controls.
[Pinkbelly] Who wants to hear the poor complaining anyway??
[Dr_No] Exactly
[Necro] It's fun to play the game using the same map and try to win the game using different strategies and different governments. Our save map feature allows you to play many "what-if" scenarios.

[MarkG] Does each gov have a specific units?
[Pinkbelly] No.
[Pinkbelly] Fascists have the Fascist.
[Dr_No] Some do, like fascism
[Pinkbelly] Theocracy has the Cleric.
[Dr_No] Ecotopia has the EcoTerrorist
[DanQ] Why is virtual democracy called "virtual"?
[Dr_No] He has a great looking outfit
[Pinkbelly] Theocracy also gets the Televangelist.
[Necro] Irony
[Pinkbelly] Virtual Democracy is virtual in the modern sense of an interconnected world.
[MarkG] What does the Fascist do?
[Dr_No] Fascist can use military Units to suppress the population into obedience
[Dr_No] The Fascist unit is a good choice for this
[Pinkbelly] In Virtual Democracy, the government is composed of all people -- they vote and participate through automated personalities that reflect their likes and dislikes.
[Necro] The Fascists kicks ass. Don't piss him off.
[Pinkbelly] It is like having a congressman who is just like you.
[MarkG] Aha! :) Difference between Cleric and Televangelist?
[Dr_No] Televeangelist has the power of mass media....hes more effective
[Necro] Doubles the effect if City has a TV.
[Dr_No] a real money maker
[Farside] But better in cities with TVs
[MarkG] What are TV's? City improvements?
[Pinkbelly] TV's are the funny boxes the people worship for hours every day.
[Dr_No] yes, like a TV studio that allows the Player to milk tons of Gold from his people

[MarkG] Interesting... I hope the new units are not to powerfull...
[Dr_No] Especially effective when combined with the Wonder of the world Hollywood!
[Pinkbelly] We have to be careful about balancing the units.
[Lemur] that's part of balancing - keeping the units' strength in check
[Dr_No] Our best men are working on it right now
[Lemur] hey
[Farside] We are going to balance it so you should have a mix on special and conventional unit to realy kick.
[Necro] ...and woman.
[Dr_No] my bad
[MarkG] For example the Park Ranger can vanish a city!
[Dr_No] did we mention that many of the units are female?
[Lemur] but you can only use the ranger once
[MarkG] What's the percentage? :)
[Pinkbelly] We make the Park Ranger slow and expensive to make up for its awesome power.
[Dr_No] about a third
[Lemur] I'd argue the word "many"
[Necro] Unconventional units are mostly stealthy, but cannot defend themselves. That's all part of the balancing.
[Farside] 100% For the Park Ranger.
[Dr_No] The Plasmatica is an ass-kicking diamond age cyber warrior
[Farside] But, you can stop it before it reaches a target.
[Dr_No] and shes a girl

[MarkG] How did you come up with the name for Park Ranger? :)
[Farside] ....
[Dr_No] no comment
[Pinkbelly] The name Park Ranger is meant to be funny. I mean, he's this super powerful weapon of destruction that the ecological fanatics of the future thing of as a nice, warm, happy thing.
[Lemur] she's mostly android tech
[Dr_No] sexy:)
[Pinkbelly] Are you laughing?:)
[Lemur] with big guns
[MarkG] Any chance of renaming it? Lots of people are that the very first thing they are going to do is modify the name!
[Dr_No] yes!!
[Necro] Different groups Uncon units can see each other. Diplomats and Spies can also spot approaching Uncon units, which may give a City time enough to send out a Lawyer or military unit to quash the.
[Farside] I may happen.
[Necro] Eco-Ranger??
[Lemur] there's usually a working name before it goes out
[Dr_No] We'd love to hear some suggestions
[Lemur] id called the Iron Maidens "chicks" before quake II went out
[MarkG] Yes, Eco Ranger seems to be the one most people support... There are suggestions in our forums...
[MarkG] I got one now for eggdood, Flower Child :)

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