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Chat With C:CTP Designers; December 5th, 1998

[DanQ] One individual desperately wants to know if the Celts are a Civ in CTP.
[Necro] The who?
[Lemur] Celts
[Necro] :)
[Dr_No] uhhh...thats why we have the custom civ feature
[Pinkbelly] The Welsh are.
[Dr_No] and the Scots
[Necro] There leader is Larry Bird.
[Dr_No] and the Irish
[Pinkbelly] We've also got Brits.
[MarkG] A total of?
[Pinkbelly] 40
[Necro] 40 or so
[DanQ] Awesome!
[MarkG] Greeks or Athenians?
[Necro] Greeks
[MarkG] Thank God :)
[Pinkbelly] 40 or so -- not all related to England of course.
[DanQ] Ok, onto combat...
[Necro] Thank Zeus
[Dr_No] only 36 are English affiliated
[Dr_No] one Civ is Jamaica, the King is Bob Marley....seriously
[Farside] ;)
[DanQ] Ready? :)
[Pinkbelly] Sure.

[DanQ] How are combat resolution going to be handled and the overall strategic combat AI?
[Dr_No] Pinky?
[Pinkbelly] Well, those are two very different questions.
[Dr_No] Units have differnt stats than they difd in Civ2
[Necro] So Pinkbelly is preparing 4 totally different answers..
[Pinkbelly] Combat resolution is something that is the same for AI and for the human.
[Dr_No] We have introduced the concepts of stacked combat and ranged attacks
[Pinkbelly] Combat is pretty simple -- your stack fights against your opponents stack.
[Dr_No] On the ZOOM Battlefield!
[Lemur] or they can gang up on lonely units
[Lemur] and beat the poop out of them
[Pinkbelly] Your army is divided into a front line and a back line. If your soldiers have short range weapons for their time (swords for example), they fight in front. If they have long-range weapons for their time (like bows), they fight in back.
[Necro] This system makes combat more realistic and reduces micro-managing your units like you had to in Civ2.
[Dr_No] A mix of ranged and close assualt is best...like artillery and tanks
[Pinkbelly] The best army has a solid front line (pikes or swordmen) with supporting archers.
[Pinkbelly] Or in the future, tanks and artillery.
[Pinkbelly] Or in the far future, plasmatica and war walkers.
[Farside] There is also Air Support from the back line.
[Pinkbelly] Bigger, higher technology armies usually win.

[MarkG] Can you automize the process of sorting out who is in the front line and who's back?
[Pinkbelly] And the whole combat is resolved at once.
[Dr_No] But a smaller force can win if they are dug in at a good defensive position
[Pinkbelly] IT is completely automated.
[Necro] We also have bombard. That allows you to attack from a distance.
[Pinkbelly] The computer knows who is your best front line soldiers and puts them there. Your back line soldiers (archers) only go to the front if they have no one to protect them.
[Dr_No] Special Units go to the back also
[Farside] You can now seige a city and use a special bombard attack that damages the city and defenders with no chance of you taking losses.
[DanQ] Are civs are colored coded, like in Civ II or..?
[Necro] A city can defend itself from a siege by attacking the surrounding enemy units from behind City Walls with a Cannon or Artillery. Battleships can bombard a coastal City or land units that are unfortunate enough to be within range of their 16" guns.
[Pinkbelly] Special Units are any unit with zero attack. Like a cow. (Who every heard of a cow protecting an archer, really?)
[Lemur] Yes, civs are color coded

[DanQ] Can a unit with much higher technology "scare away" units with much lower technology?
[DanQ] i.e. Phalanx sees battleship and runs for its life! :)
[Pinkbelly] We aren't doing anything with morale or fear. You just get to kill the enemy.
[Pinkbelly] Killing is fun
[Lemur] it's not as afraid of the technology as it is of its firepower
[Pinkbelly] Killing is good
[DanQ] Goodie! {grin}
[Pinkbelly] We like killing.
[Farside] Only that Ancient units will not attack Air Units.
[Lemur] not tall enough
[DanQ] Can units 'retreat' in the middle of combat?
[Dr_No] Nope
[Farside] Always Winne with the tech talk.
[Pinkbelly] No. We went for simplicity on that one.
[Pinkbelly] Once you're committed to battle, you're stuck.
[Dr_No] There is no Winnie, there is only Lemur

[DanQ] Ok, next question is regarding a unit that's one everyone's mind...
[DanQ] The Park Ranger.
[Dr_No] Oh jeez..
[DanQ] Love 'em or hate 'em, it has sparked a lot of discussion in recent weeks.
[Pinkbelly] So I can see.
[Necro] Stealth bombers and subs and other units can carry Nukes, just like Carriers can carry planes. This allows units to get nice and close before launching a nuke. Makes it more personal.
[DanQ] Here's what people want to know: what exactly IS the Park Ranger and are there any defences against 'em?
[Lemur] the park ranger is mobile nanite bomb
[Pinkbelly] The Park Ranger is a nanotechnology bomb.
[Dr_No] Its an invisble hover Van (VW) with a ludicrously powerful weapon inside
[Lemur] you defend against them by running and screaming in the other direction
[Lemur] j/k
[Necro] The Park Ranger gives a hoot.
[Dr_No] YTou can spot it with a spy, and kill it easily with any military unit
[Lemur] it has almost no defense
[Farside] AND it cost a bunch!!
[Pinkbelly] You spot them with Population Monitors or other special units and can kill them easily with any military unit.
[Lemur] AND you can only use it once
[Dr_No] It also destroys all tile imporvements and Units adjacent to the target city
[Lemur] pinky, I hear an echo
[Dr_No] pinky, i hear an echo
[DanQ] hehheh...
[Lemur] the Comedy Club's on Sunset, No

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