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Chat With C:CTP Designers; December 5th, 1998

[DanQ] Will some units have something like the "overrun" feature tanks have in Panzer General 2, in which tanks can just roll over and destroy weakened enemy units and keep going?
[Dr_No] Im here all week
[Pinkbelly] All day, every day, more like.
[Pinkbelly] As for overrun... nope.
[Lemur] are we talking about slave drivers again?
[Pinkbelly] We think the combat takes place on a wider scale than PGII.
[Farside] You do have Overrun on the zoom battlefield. Weak frount row unit can be ran over to get at the second row units.
[Necro] Getting TOO detailed with Overrun, morale, fatigue, etc... would greatly diminish the macro that is CTP.

[DanQ] How fast do the units move when their stacked in a group?
[Lemur] as fast as the slowest unit in the stack
[Lemur] they have to wait up for the slow unit
[Pinkbelly] You can break up your army though to keep moving the faster units.
[Necro] Unless you "carry" the unit by means of transport (carrier, troop ship, space plane).
[MarkG] What is the patrol mode?
[Dr_No] Its cut

[DanQ] Is there a technology, building, or wonder that allows you to see everything on the map (like Apollo Program)?
[Lemur] yes
[Lemur] the globsat
[Pinkbelly] GlobSat gives you worldwide radar. Space lets you see the ground.
[Dr_No] You can canvas the earth from space in a couple of Turns
[Pinkbelly] Unless someone shoots your space ships down.
[Farside] Anyone with a space unit.

[DanQ] Can you stack naval units?
[Necro] Yes.
[Pinkbelly] Yes.
[Dr_No] sure
[DanQ] Another question from the audience: what is the troop ship? Does this allow you to transport units through the air?
[Dr_No] no, its a sea unit
[Necro] Its a naval ship. Ala Queen Mary or QE2
[DanQ] Last call for unit questions, folks. We're moving onto multiplayer very soon...
[Dr_No] there are transport aircraft though
[Dr_No] Cities wuit haairports can airlift a Unit every turn
[DanQ] Can helicopters carry troops?
[Lemur] you're getting better at your spelling, No
[Dr_No] uhh..with airports
[Pinkbelly] The hairport is an advanced device.
[Dr_No] like the floby hiarcutting vacuum
[Dr_No] haircutting
[Lemur] flowbee
[Dr_No] there are no helicopters in CTP
[Pinkbelly] p.s. we have no helicopters...
[Necro] We have paratroopers to remove the micromanagement of loading units into helicopter.
[DanQ] Ah ok.
[DanQ] (re: helicopters)
[DanQ] Someone wants to know why you cut patrol. Comments?
[Dr_No] We needed to save space on the control panel
[Dr_No] it wasn't that important
[Pinkbelly] Well, no one was using it.
[Lemur] i was

[MarkG] Ok, moving to multiplayer...
[MarkG] How long does it take? :)
[Dr_No] sorry?
[Necro] Well, it takes Pinkbelly on 30 secs or so...
[DanQ] Just to interject... if you have any further questions on topics that have already been covered, you will have the opportunity to answer them during the "unmoderated period".
[Farside] We play with a little as 20 second turns.
[Pinkbelly] It's very addictive and fast.
[Dr_No] we also have a carryover option...like a chess clock.
[MarkG] So, an average mp game can take.... ?
[Pinkbelly] Unless you turn off the timer... then it's slow and contemplative.
[Dr_No] you can save time for the next turn
[Lemur] game time depends on map size and number of players
[Farside] Carry Over transfers the unused time to the next turn.
[Necro] There is no "average" MP game. Each can take as long as you have connection and your Civ is still alive.
[Farside] So you have it when you need it.
[Dr_No] You can start the game with any technologies you want
[Dr_No] To speed things up
[MarkG] does the time each turn takes changes through different ages?
[Necro] You can set a small map for short, get-down-and-dirty game, or large map on a LAN to play all day.
[Dr_No] You can also exlcude Units, Wonders , Improvements
[Lemur] yes
[Pinkbelly] We have an option so that your time changes based on the number of Cities that you have.
[Lemur] holy Webster's, No
[Dr_No] gud idea
[Necro] You can play multiple human with additional Ai or just Human.
[MarkG] Can you "freeze tech" so that there would be no more advances?
[Dr_No] yes..you can set a tech cap
[Farside] A tech cap by Age.
[MarkG] Do you have modem-to-modem? Serial connection?
[Lemur] no
[Farside] I like playing Modern and Genetic only.
[Dr_No] but then farside always was a little strange
[Lemur] whaddaya mean "was"?
[Farside] Thats when warfare is its best.
[Necro] He also likes playing with himself only.
[Dr_No] who doesn't
[Lemur] back to multiplayer...
[Necro] I meant MP.
[Farside] Dr_No is a peacenik
[Dr_No] alright guys...keep it clean!
[MarkG] Hotseat mode?
[Lemur] yes
[Lemur] hotseat mode is good

[MarkG] So, will you have a system for finding players?
[Pinkbelly] We'll have Activnet.
[Pinkbelly] Activlink
[Lemur] through activenet, you can see all of the players connected to the server
[Necro] We have units that can explore for enemy players :) Then you kill them.
[Necro] Where did Activlink get its name?
[Necro] :)
[MarkG] Chat during the game? Other mutliplayer options?
[Farside] Activision + Link
[Lemur] it was going to be idvision, but that didn't pan out
[Farside] = Activlink
[Necro] You can chat in MP.
[Pinkbelly] Yes.
[Dr_No] You can handicap Players
[Necro] There is also diplomacy to exchange technology, maps, etc...
[Lemur] much more colorful than diplomatic messages
[Pinkbelly] You can also kneecap them.
[Dr_No] Set teams (sharing Line of sight)
[MarkG] Allied wins?
[Farside] You can also do almost all city management when the other players are moveing.
[Dr_No] yes
[Farside] So 20 sec. turns for an 8 player game are very do-able
[Necro] There is little or no down-time during another player's turn.

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