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Chat With C:CTP Designers; December 5th, 1998

[MarkG] Times passes quickly... :)
[MarkG] What's going on with the release date?
[Necro] Time flies! Well, at least in the modern age.
[Pinkbelly] After the release date, we're planning a big party!
[Farside] A Big Big party!!
[Dr_No] uhh..maybe you should speak with a marketing representative:)
[Lemur] we're going to Disneyland!
[Necro] And we'll all be avail to play MP to teach you guys a thing or two!
[DanQ] Everyone is invited? :-)
[DanQ] hehehehe...
[Lemur] absolutely
[MarkG] Ok, ok but when is it coming out and why was it delayed?
[Lemur] aliens
[Dr_No] Soon.....very soon
[Pinkbelly] More seriously, we're hard core balancing right now...
[Lemur] and the aliens
[Necro] It will come out when it's done. We won't release a buggy game just to make the date.
[Pinkbelly] as usual, you guys'll be the first to know when we have the exact date.
[Farside] This game will not need a patch on its release date!!
[MarkG] of course :)
[Lemur] down, boy!
[Dr_No] I gaurantee it
[DanQ] {clapping} :-)
[Dr_No] no patch!!
[Necro] Yeah, Dr_No gaurantees it!
[Lemur] and Bill Gates will buy Norway for us
[Pinkbelly] Just no promises on spelling.
[MarkG] Well, it's about midnight in Greece and I'll have to return home.. :)
[MarkG] We're going to unmoderated mode for the last minutes of the chat
[Necro] And we're planning to ship internationally on same date!
[MarkG] Behave yourselves :)
*** MarkG sets mode: +m

(The unmoderated part of the chat has been edited so that the questions that were answered are along with the answers and to remove the "noise" :) )
[DanQ] This channel is now unmoderated.
[Dr_Fubar] AI! What's the AI like ?
[Pinkbelly] The AI is a tiger.
[Lemur] AI has different personalities and different gameplay strategies
[Farside] Sometimes a Cat!
[cab] Another question. Are the cost to support the units the same for all units as in CivII?
[Pinkbelly] The costs are all different from Civ II.
[Civ-Wonder] and what about city-states?
[Necro] No City-States. That was an early Gov't that is now Republic.
[Civ-Wonder] any improvements on the republic?
[Necro] _Everything_ is improved :)
[eggdood] Are the entertainers still in? and if so...are they jimi henrix's insted of elvis'
[Necro] We have multiple Entertainers.
[Necro] Different Buidlings/Improvements give you different classes of Entertainers.
[Lemur] bards, actors, drunk people

[Dr_Fubar] Can you raze enemy cities to the ground, like Rome did to Carthage ? I doubt Carthage wa a population 1 city.
[Dr_No] thats a good idea...unfortunately no
[_CD_] I was wondering about economics and if the system of trade will be the same and if there will still be a ceiling of 30000 gold for a civ
[Pinkbelly] There is no ceiling.
[Farside] No gold ceiling.
[Farside] We do have a trade route limit per city.
[eggdood] so tv gives u....say drew cary
[Pinkbelly] TV gives you lots of gold.
[Metamorph] I'm interested in learning whether or not the basic model for city production is similar at all to Civ1 and Civ2, in that you have cities with population which works the city tile itself and tiles around it.
[Necro] Yes. Same concept of City Porudction
[Lemur] yes, city pops work the tiles in their radius
[KDP] Have you thought about allowing mine-fields? It would open up for new defence strategies.
[Farside] We played around with land mines and they didn't work out like we wanted.
[RyanG] Can I ask why you don't have Modem-to-Modem, I mean, Is that not so hard to add??
[Lemur] yes, modem-to-modem is hard to add

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