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Chat With C:CTP Designers; December 5th, 1998

[Civ-Wonder] canadians shouldnt be in it
[Dr_No] Canadians are in
[Necro] Gretzky is the Canadian ruler.
[Civ-Wonder] is there a way to del the candains
[Farside] You can add and delete any civ through a text file.
[AGM] portuguese?
[Dr_No] yes ! Portugese
[eggdood] Israelis?
[Dr_No] Israelis are in also
[Necro] We have Borg.
[Necro] hebrews.

[Kurasai] Are engineers back and can they modify any new terrains (i.e water)? Also, are there any new terrains like volcanoes?
[Lemur] underwater volcanoes
[Dr_Fubar] What about global ecological disasters ?
[Necro] Yes. We have Ecological disasters, but you can switch that off if you wish.
[Pinkbelly] We've got two major ecological disasters -- global warming and ozone loss.
[Pinkbelly] Global Warming first alters the climate -- so that forests become grasslands and such. Then, if things get really bad, the ice caps melt and the coastlands all flood.
[Dr_Fubar] What happens in the Ozone loss disaster?
[Necro] Tiles get damaged and people get unhappy.
[Pinkbelly] With ozone loss, the northern and southern ends of the world lose ozone protection first. As this happens, the plants and animals beneath the newly formed ozone holes are killed.
[KDP] Does it cost anything to move on railroad or do you have unlimited movement?
[Farside] Railroads cost movement, we also have mag levs trains in the future.
[MarkG] How customisable is it? How easy is it to change graphics?
[harlan22] Yeah, I want to know about customisability too. How does one change the unit graphics?
[Lemur] can't change graphics - they're animated
[Pinkbelly] The game is very customizable. You could even make your own graphics, but you'd have to create animations of the units by hand or with Softimage.
[Civ-Wonder] So, again, does it take as long to build units as in Civ 1 or 2
[Necro] Building units takes different lenghts, of course, and can be 1-50 turns. Average is 5 or so.
[eggdood] does religion have a big part in the game?
[Necro] Theocracy and Clerics can be a major part. Most Civs will want to build temples, Cathedrals and such to keep people happy. TV is another religion of sorts that we have.
[Civ-Wonder] is it easy to hack CTP?
[Necro] "is it easy to hack CTP?" we are working on that for you.

[Necro] Civ City size limit answer is on the way.
(Note by MarkG: I couldn't find the question to that :) by here goes)
[Farside] Each government type has a Max Empire Size limit. You can go over it, but you people get a little more unhappy with each city. The number is around 10 for Ancient governemtns.
[Metamorph] A common problem in civ1 and civ2 games is the 'infinite cities trick', whereby you simply plop down cities every two or three squares to take advantage of the economic curve insofar as a city of size 1 producing on 2 squares. Does your game's economic model address this?
[Farside] You will not be able to to the infinite cities trick.
[Gerfang] lumpkin: in civ II just build cities (No buildings) if you do it right, you can launch your spaceship around 100 AD.
[Necro] well, we hope to avoid that with all the balancing we're doing now.
[Metamorph] Farside: Then doesn't the danger of rapidly constructing enormous numbers of cities still exist? Are there other features that take this possibility into account?
[Farside] You can't throw up the improvements fast enough.
[Pinkbelly] Actually building too many Cities is limited by your government. To get tons of Cities your need high-tech govs, which takes time.
[Metamorph] Another, similar 'trick' in civ1 and civ2 was to focus technological research toward achieving a more advanced form of government early in the game. Is this possible, and if so, can this affect the city-trick model?
[Necro] We have made the tech tree so you can't get Virtual Democracy or anything before, say, Writing.
[Metamorph] Civ2 is also designed in a method to force you to gain certain 'basic techs' before getting to the better government types. Nevertheless it was still possible to skip military and economic techs and go straight for a government tech, very early in the game. Was this possilibility realized in c:ctp development and countered?
[Farside] You can still go for the governements. But its not always the best thing to change unless your have the right econimic situation.
[Metamorph] Farside: Then I still remain extremely apprehensive that players will be able to 'rush' to a high government tech and perpretrate the infinite-cities-trick in some fashion. Do you have any other comments that might help soothe my worries? :)
[Necro] Yes. You can't do that.
[Metamorph] Necro: Can you, uh, be more specific? I hate to press the issue, but this aspect of civ-type games absolutely ruined Civ1 and Civ2 for our gaming group.
[Farside] You will only have the ability to build very large number of cities with VD. All other governmetns will be limited. You won't be able to survive if you just rush for science all through the game.
[Necro] you have to complete a whole lot of techs to get to advanced Gov'ts. If you try to get there directly, it will still mean you HAVE to research enough Pre-reqs to make it not a "cheese".

[eViL_SunZ] Are there more technologies than in Civ2?
[Necro] 100+ tech!
[lumpkin] if one civ takes over another civ's city, will the populace of the conquered city be more unhappy then they would be if they were citizens of the conquerors' nation?
[Necro] Yes.
[swor] what is the estimated price of C:CTP?
[Lemur] 49.95
[MarkG] What exactly is the wormhole?
[Pinkbelly] The Wormhole is a connection to another universe discovered near the year 3000.
[MarkG] The Wormhole is the way to make contact with aliens?
[Pinkbelly] Yes, you must send a robotic ship through the wormhole to recover Alien cells for cloning. Then you can create your very own psonic alien.
[swor] can you bombard an under water city with say a battleship?
[Farside] You can bombard under water cities.
[Farside] But, they are hard to invade.
*** MarkG sets mode: +m

[Necro] We have to get back to making the game.
[MarkG] We're back to moderated mode
[MarkG] It's to finish the chat...
[Pinkbelly] Time to get going folks.
[MarkG] I would just like to thank everyone from the team
[Necro] It's been helpful to talk to you all,.
[MarkG] for coming today...
[MarkG] A transcript will be available in the next days...
[Farside] Thanks too all, its been fun talking to you about a game we love!!
[MarkG] Well, see you on the next chat

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