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Chat With C:CTP Designers; December 5th, 1998

[MarkG] Also, some people say that the new units are unrealistic, your response?
[Dr_No] I like it
[Farside] What units?
[MarkG] The unconvetional ones
[Dr_No] We have to speculate about the future...many of our units are drawn from popular fiction
[MarkG] Park Ranger, Lawyer, Cleric...
[Farside] Lawyers have proven their power in the real world.
[MarkG] FYI, Akula is our irc man...
[Dr_No] just ask Farside's x wife
[Farside] HEY!!!
[Necro] Clerics have played a major factor in the development, colonization and shaping of many Civs over time. Missionaries sent to convert the natives abroad played an integral role on North America's history
[Pinkbelly] Unconventional combat is a big part of our lives today. The wars fought with money or with propaganda are probably more common than any others.
[DanQ] Is the lawyer unit government specific?

[Pinkbelly] As for slavers -- I think few in the world could miss their impact on history.
[Pinkbelly] Everyone can hire lawyers -- those money grubbers!
[Necro] We designers know very well about slave drivers...
[Pinkbelly] Down boy!
[Farside] Hired guns of the corp world. (Lawyers)
[MarkG] About slaves [eggdood] when u take over a city, can u turn a percentage of the population into slaves...like the romans did
[Necro] That's not nice :(
[Dr_No] You can only capture slaves..otherwise it would be cheesy
[Lemur] you also don't want to have too many slaves around
[Pinkbelly] If you have a Slaver in your army and you win a battle against the enemy, you take some of the enemy as Slaves.
[Dr_No] slaves require no wages and only half food
[Lemur] they might revolt
[Necro] And, while we have dairy units - the cow - we don't like cheesey things in our game
[Pinkbelly] The danger with Slaves is the Slave Revolt.
[MarkG] When does this hapen?
[Dr_No] thats where the abolitionist comes in
[MarkG] New unit?
[Dr_No] shes a special unit that can start a slave revolt in an enemy city
[Lemur] she can also smuggle slaves out through the underground railroad
[Dr_No] could cause big problems for the bad guysd
[Pinkbelly] If your Slaves are unguarded or the City starves, the Slaves have a chance of revolting. If they succeed, they form a new Civilization that controls the city and will do everything they can to destroy you.
[Necro] ..and Emmancipation Proclamation Wonder
[MarkG] Necro, a what? :)
[Pinkbelly] The Abolitionist and Emanicipation Proclamation can also free Slaves.
[Dr_No] frees every slave in the world
[Necro] The EP is a Wonder that ends Slavery worldwide.
[Pinkbelly] The Emanicpation Proc frees all of the Slaves in the world.
[MarkG] And what do they become?
[Farside] City walls can protect your city for Slave Raids.
[Dr_No] causes major unhappiness for those cities with slave pop
[Dr_No] The slaver is a tricky unit..is invisible and can take your settlers easily
[Pinkbelly] If you build it, you Slaves become Citizens without any bad effects. Everyone else suffers Riots as their societies adjust to freedom.
[Lemur] but other slavers can see him, and he's weak in battle
[Pinkbelly] Settler poaching is a great tactic!
[Farside] All special units have a counters. Place a military unit with a settler to guard them.

[DanQ] Can cities declare independence/break away from your empire?
[Pinkbelly] Yes.
[Dr_No] yes..if there Happiness gets too low
[DanQ] I bring this up now since this does tie into government types/practices.
[Dr_No] or if enemy agents subvert the population
[Pinkbelly] When Cities get very very very Unhappy, they have a revolution -- like the American Revolution.
[Pinkbelly] And, just like the French helped the Americans to fight against the British, you can use spies to have foment Revolutions in your enemy's Civilization.
[MarkG] It must a require a very special spy unit, or not?
[Lemur] the Spy unit
[Dr_No] just a spy, or a cyberninja!
[Dr_No] my personal favorite
[DanQ] If the citizens do revolt, do they become an new civilization, join another or...? Can more than one city revolt at once?
[Lemur] they start a new civilization
[Pinkbelly] In a Revolution, the City leaves to for a new Civilization. The City also influences neighbors to try to get them to revolt as well.
[Lemur] theoretically, all of your cities could revolt at once if you treat them badly enough
[Pinkbelly] Well, not all...
[Dr_No] safer to turn them into mindless slaves
[Necro] It's a very dynamic world we live in, and we did our best to recreate that in CTP.
[MarkG] How can you get an indepedent city back?
[Pinkbelly] I love mindless slaves.
[Pinkbelly] Right team?
[Dr_No] we obey
[Farside] Take it back!!
[Pinkbelly] You can conqueror it.
[Lemur] you can recapture a city with military units
[DanQ] How is what type of government this "new Civ" is determined immediately after independence? (i.e. breaking away from Republic, does the new Civ automatically still be a Republic)?
[Lemur] anarchy
[Pinkbelly] The Civ becomes an AI and picks an appropriate government.
[DanQ] Makes sense!
[Dr_No] I apologize for my spelling

[DanQ] Anything else you guys wish to add about governments?
[Pinkbelly] Hey Dr_No you just missed a period.
[Necro] The Computer is your friend!
[Pinkbelly] Long live the computer.
[Lemur] technology is good
[Dr_No] No one Gov is the end-all. Each will porvide an interesting and different experience
[Lemur] geez Dr_No
[DanQ] When a city breaks away and becomes a new Civ, do they retain all the technology of their former empire?
[Pinkbelly] Yes.
[Pinkbelly] They were a part of the old Civ so they know what their comrades knew.

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