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More screenshots of C:CTP from Apolyton CS. (Page 13 of 15)
The bottom four are courtesy GameSpot.

Click To Enlarge Civ Status Screen.
From here you can control your subjects' work hours, wages, and food rations.
Click To Enlarge Send Goods Dialogue.
Relief now! You are given advice on how to proceed, which you can take or ignore.
Click To Enlarge Nearest we can tell, this person is being walked through a tutorial (see upper right corner)...
Click To Enlarge   Click To Enlarge Abolitionist
Above: On Computer
Below: In Painting
Click To Enlarge Oceanfaring.

One of the many advances in CTP and critical to early-game exploration, settlement and conquest! Or, perhaps you have other priorities?

Click To Enlarge Stonehenge.

What a marvel it would be for your society to build this... you might even become a legend (even if it is just in your own mind :)). What else will it gain you? Time will tell!

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DISCLAIMER: Since all screenshots are weeks/months old they most likely do not represent the game as it is in its latest build.
The intention of these pages is to get ideas regarding the game and is not necessarily 100% so.

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