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We continue with Apolyton CS: CTP's screenshots collection! Click to enlarge.
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Sea War; Click To Enlarge
Does this battle seem a little one-sided to you?
Standing On Guard; Click To Enlarge
This legion casts a shadow of power and is ready to do battle!
Pikeman Battle
Although the image is small, you can figure out who is going to be victorious.
(Remaining screenshots
courtesy PC Gamer.)
This ancient map features classic units like the Hoplite and Cavalry. The game's art tool let's the team's artists check colours and animations on the fly.
The Computer Lab is a real math whiz. It's one of the features you can add to your great library. The Eco-Terrorist is one of the game's deadliest units, unleashed by civilizations who believe that any amount of death and destruction is justifiable in
  order to protect the natural environment.
The dreaded Park Ranger unit has just detonated its GENESIS WEAPON, which has totally destroyed an entire enemy city. As we say in the [gaming indus
 try] trade, cool! In Civilization: Call To Power, every unit, including this roman legionaire, was meticulously drawn by hand before being transferred to the PC.
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DISCLAIMER: Since all screenshots are weeks/months old they most likely do not represent the game as it is in its latest build.
The intention of these pages is to get ideas regarding the game and is not necessarily 100% so.

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