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And now, some screenshots that you wont find anywhere else :) with some comments. The real-size images on this page will open in a new window. (Page 6 of 15)

City Status screen - Click to enlarge The selected city's(Pompe ii ) size is 7. So, there are 7 workers as we can see below. But there is also a box saying "Slaves 0". Also, the city is producing a "Slaver" unit. Could this be a unit that increases the shield production of a square? We know that there will be a cattle unit(you can see it in "Build Options" list) which will increase the food production in its' square. Next to the Slaves-Workers boxes, we see the options of Entertainers, Scientists, Bankers(replacing civ2's taxers) and (something new) Laborers(increasing shields also?). Finally, forget the science lamps, the coins and the shields of civ2. Everything is shown with numbers on CTP. Good or bad?

Early game screen - Click to enlarge Where to start? First of all, there is a kind of "fog of war" feature. Some squares are not visible(black), some visible but you don't know if there are any units there(grey) and some visible, where you see everything. Also, we see various types of extra resources: a pipe(!), a flower, an elephant and some "Easter Island" heads. We don't know what exactly they will do. Next, there are two types of irrigation. Just a variation or something else? Also, there diffirent graphics(or diffirent terrain types?) for mountains with and without snow. The thumbnail of the map(down left) could look better(picky? :)). Finally, the selected unit is the Mounted Archer(an archer on a horse), with defence and attack strengts of 10, and movement 300/300(some things have changed from civ2 here!).

Unit Status screen - Click to enlarge The Unit Status screen. Here you can see all your units, and give them orders. You can also search(!) for units according to these criteria: Injured, Fought last turn, Land, Air, Sea. The orders have nothing new. The "go home" order in civ2 is now "go to nearest repair"(except if there is other ways to repair beyond cities, just a guess). On the units selection box, we can see exactly the health of the unit, and their support cost. The support cost, is the cost that has to payed in order for the unit to "keep in shape". If you put the "Military Readiness" to "Stand down", the unit costs less, but it gradually looses some of it's powers. Finally, the units may became unhappy. These depend on two factors: distance from the capital and discontent(caused by a long war?).

NOTE: Some of the comments on this page may not be true. We just tried to do some guesses looking at the screenshots, based on the various previews we have read. We will have more details in the future.

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DISCLAIMER: Since all screenshots are weeks/months old they most likely do not represent the game as it is in its latest build.
The intention of these pages is to get ideas regarding the game and is not necessarily 100% so.

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