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Some more screens, with detailed descriptions! (12 of 15)

Ranking Screen - Click to enlarge The Ranking Screen. The interface looks better with the addition of a background on the windows. Here we see the top 5 cities option. The other options are Wonders, Powergraph, Polution and Civscore. Identical to Civ2... The 5 "wonders" columns probably show how many wonder of each age(Ancient, Reniassance,Modern, Genetic, and Diamond) Also, the Vikings are still in the game, the map thumbnail has improved, and the the way the names of the cities are shown on the map has changed...

Monument Screen - Click to enlarge This the Monument Screen. It replaces Civ2's throne room and was previously referred as the "Forbidden City". More about it in the features pages. An unrelated note on the "PW" reading(down middle, above the "Gold" reading): In Lt John's words: "PW is "public works". You can allocate a certain percentage of your overall production to go into public works. You then spend public works on tile improvements such as farms, roads, mines, etc. just as you would use gold to buy buildings or bribe enemies. Public Works is designed to replace the micromanagement associated with settlers and engineers." More on this, also in the features pages.

Battle View - Click to enlarge The Battle View. This screen comes up when a stack of units fights. The placement of the units is done automatically, with long range on the back and and short ones in the front. Obviously, the placement of the units plays a significant role on the outcome of the combat. The Battle View is optional, you can skip it and see immediately the result.
Some of the other optional features are unit animations and trade route animations.

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DISCLAIMER: Since all screenshots are weeks/months old they most likely do not represent the game as it is in its latest build.
The intention of these pages is to get ideas regarding the game and is not necessarily 100% so.

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