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The Televangelist is another powerful and destructive unit that comes into play during the game's modern era. They cost the enemy dearly. Civilization: Call To Power will feature impressive projectile animations and special effects. An enemy warship is hit by cannon fire and destroyed in t
his off-shore naval battle. In this animation, we see the devasting Park Ranger unit in action. By detonating its awesome GENESIS WEAPON, the Park Ranger can destroy an entire city a
nd leave a barren wilderness in its wake.
If your game of Civilization: Call To Power takes you through the Renaissance era (and it will), you'll want these Pikemen to be the backbone of your army. With the PRODUCTION VIEW activated, players can regulate town management or buy new buildings to increase a city's size. Units like this Musketeer are sketched before being rendered as a wireframe and then coloured to produce the final image.
The Infector unit stands ready to attack --- this city is in some pretty deep doo-doo. This is what ruling a civilization is all about --- ordering your minions to stand on parade outside your house on Sunday morning so you can idly look down 
on them from the comfort of your bed. If you play as a THEOCRACY, you'll be able to unlesh the Cleric unit onto an enemy city to convert the inhabitants to your cause.
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DISCLAIMER: Since all screenshots are weeks/months old they most likely do not represent the game as it is in its latest build.
The intention of these pages is to get ideas regarding the game and is not necessarily 100% so.

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