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Courtesy cdmag.com

Ah, the simplicity of the ancient world, when exploration and expansion are your most important goals; Click To Enlarge The Global Economy Wonder gives one gold per turn for every trade 
	route running between foreign civilizations; Click To Enlarge This single screen lets you set production, view population status, and choose a variety of options-for any city you own!!; Click To Enlarge
Few enemies can defend against a combined attack of land-, air-, and space-based forces; Click To Enlarge This display provides a helpful overview of a city's current status; Click To Enlarge Nifty Clip; Click To Enlarge
A one-stop shopping center for all your diplomatic needs and megalomaniacal ultimatums; Click To Enlarge A wide array of intriguing high-tech units give you new and more expensive ways to get yourself in trouble; Click To Enlarge The Great Library holds general and detailed information on every possible line of research; Click To Enlarge
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DISCLAIMER: Since all screenshots are weeks/months old they most likely do not represent the game as it is in its latest build.
The intention of these pages is to get ideas regarding the game and is not necessarily 100% so.

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