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This is a collection of Civ2 Maps converted for use in creating CtP Map Scenarios.

Systems & Requirements

IBM (Required): Activision V1.2 Patch, found here, 3.4M.

IBM (Optional): CivFav V1.21 Patch, found here, 469k.

MAC (Optional): MacSoft V1.2b Patch, found here, 1.2M.

Linux: Test Users Needed

Foreign Language versions, go here & Search the Patches

Regular Maps: 50

ALL Users: Please read Map Series & Map Types (found below) before downloading maps.

MAC Users: Please read THIS before downloading maps.

America-3, Australia-5, Carrib-1, Cuba-1, Desert-1, England-4, Epic-1, Eurasia-2, EuroAmerica-1, Europe1-5, Europe2-5, E/W Europe-2, Greece-2, India-1, Indonesia-1, Italia-1, Nordic-1, NorthernHemisphere-1, Pacific-2, PlanetX (Alpha Centauri)-2, PseudoAmerica-1, RomanWorld-1, Scandinavia-1, Small Islands-1, WesternWorld-1, World-3

Latest News

(20 November 2000, 3:30 EST) Since Call To Power 2 has officially been released, I am starting the process of converting all existing maps to the new format. If you have any particular Civ2 or CtP1 maps which you would like converted, just let me know. -skorpion59

(13 March 2000, 3:25 EST) MAC users are now able to use these maps. You can find the instructions here.
Thanks go to TheThirdJesus and Baston for their help and testing.

(9 March 2000, 0:51 EST) What is CtPMaps and what can it do for you? As the name implies, this site is about CtP Maps, in particular, Civ2 converted maps. There has been a general lack of maps for CtP as well as a fair amount of confusion regarding making/using them. I hope to fix that with this site. While you will find only 50 maps now, many more will become available in the months to come, as well as new sizes for existing maps. You can either use the basic map to build your own or I will customize one for you. Send me your needs and I will be happy to put it at the top of my ToDo list.

Also, I would like to thank DanQ and MarkG for making this possible and for all their valuable help. -skorpion59

Map Series

Development Map only, no flat-map* support (has dividing line), no Civs (8 available), no trade items, no goody huts, deep ocean not completed.

Ready to go, including flat-map* support and trade goods, none available yet as Flat-Map* is not finished.

Some combination of the 2 above, none available yet.

If you would like a Custom made map, send me an email detailing what you want. Be sure to include the map, size and number of Civs. Any additional information, such as quantity of trade goods and goody huts would be helpful. Any information not supplied, will be added according to my taste. You will be free to use the map in any way you feel like it. I reserve the right to list the map here and make it available for download as well.

Map Types

.INP - Chat Window Input Maps (PC only)
.SAV - Saved Game Files (PC & MAC)

*Flat-Map Support Notice:
Out of the box, CtP does not provide flat-map support. The use of XWrap & YWrap is supposed to work but it is fundamentaly flawed.

Flat-Map Support is being provided through SLIC. All these maps have 2 columns of dead tiles running from top to bottom. Without the SLIC code, this is only a visual indicator of where the divider goes. With the SLIC code, this will become a non-passable barrier.

While the SLIC code has not finished testing, it should be available soon.

I would like to thank Wouter Snijders (Locutus) for bringing life back to the Flat-Map support. I had all but given up on doing this through the map code when he came up with the SLIC idea and code. He has put in a lot of time and effort to make this a viable solution

Note: Aspect Ratio was not maintained when creating the Gifs for displaying the maps on these pages. Some skewing has occured.

  acs88x31B.gif (2165 bytes) Please join the Apolyton Mailing List to be notified when new maps become available.