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Regular Maps
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Saving Regular Maps

Note: Do this first before you set or save the scenario name. Once the scenario name is set, this option will no longer function correctly (when trying to load the map). You will have to reload the map and start over from scratch.
When you are done making all your changes, quit the game. Do this by selecting Options at the bottom of the Screen Options menu (not on the Cheat Menu). A menu will pop up asking if you want a) to quit now, b) to save game or c) never mind. Select b) save game and give it a directory and then a map name. Now you are ready to save the scenario if you want to. If you do not want to set a scenario, exit CTP completely before doing anything else.

Saving Scenario Maps

Note: Only set and save the scenario one time per CTP session. You must completely exit CTP after setting/saving scenarios.
When you are done making all your changes, select Save Scenario As from the Cheat Menu. (If you get an empty box, you have selected one of the Set Start Location Options but failed to actually set any starting locations. Go back and select your start locations or select No Start Locations, then continue.) The first box to pop up asks for a scenario name. Give it whatever you want. This is where I use Wld1-70x140R. The 2nd box to pop up is the Save Game box. The top field, Game, is the directory where the game will be saved. The 2nd field, Save, is the save name for the game. You MUST use savegame.csg here. For my example, I would use Wld1 for the directory (Game) and savegame.csg for the file name (Save). Now exit CTP completely.
To use scenario games, you must cut savegame.csg from the directory where you saved it and paste it into the scenxxxx directory you have set up for this scenario game. You must make the first line of scenario.txt file, in your scenxxxx directory, the exact name you specified in the first Save Scenario As pop up box. Wld1-70x140R in my example. If you don't understand scenario directory structures, read the CTP V1.2 readme.doc file in the <CTP>\help directory.

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