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Changing the Number of Civs

Edit Userprofile.txt in the <CTP>\ctp_program\ctp directory. Change NumPlayers=XX to the number of players you want. Max is 32, 31 Civs and 1 Barbarian. Start a new game ignoring the number of Civs in the game setup options. You will now have xx number of Civs.

Changing CTP Map Sizes

Edit Const.txt in the <CTP>\ctp_data\default\gamedata directory. Near the bottom you will find the following:
MAP_SIZE_SMALL 24     48     2
MAP_SIZE_MEDIUM    48     96     2
MAP_SIZE_LARGE    64    128    2
MAP_SIZE_GIGANTIC 70    140    2
Change MAP_SIZE_GIGANTIC 70 140 2 to MAP_SIZE_GIGANTIC xx yy 2 where xx is the width you want and yy is the height you want. Example to produce a 75x120 map change it to MAP_SIZE_GIGANTIC 75 120 2. Start a new game and select the Gigantic map size in the game setup options. This will produce the new map size.
Technically, there is other text files which should be modified when you change map sizes. However, as long as you are using this to input maps via the chat window, this is all you need to do.

Setting Start Locations

On the Cheat Menu, select Start Locs and then Select Location By Player or Select Location By Civ.
By Player allows you to set the Starting Location for each Player regardless of which Civ it is while By Civ allows you to set the Starting Location for each Civ (up to 41) regardless of whether it is actually used in the game or not. Note: While you can set the starting location for up to 41 civs, you can only play with 32 Civs, including the Barbarians. For either option, click on the tile on the map where you want the Starting Location to be. Then select the plus (+) sign on the cheat menu - start locs to select the next available Civ/Player. Once this is done, click on the next tile on the map where you want that Civ/Player to start. Keep doing this until you have set all the Starting Locations you want to be set.

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