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SLIC-Reference : Functions : Units : Action


- CTP1 - messages only
- CTP2 - can be triggered (events)
- CTP2 Apolyton Edition  
  - tested
- broken, obsolete - working

AddExpelOrder (unit, location) void   Tells the unit to expel another unit at the given location
AddMovement (unit, amount) void       Give unit an additional amount movement points
AddOrder (unit, location) void   Tell the given unit to execute the order that was previously set in the context
CantAttackUnit (unit, onoff) void   Make the specified unit immune to attack if onoff is not 0, set it back to normal if 0
ClearBattleFlag (unit) void   Resets the unit's move points and allows the unit to engage in a battle again during the current turn
ClearOrders (unit) void       Clear the unit's army's orders
CreateUnit (owner, type, nearlocation, distance[, saveunit]) void       Create a unit of the given type belonging to owner approximately distance tiles from nearlocation
DamageUnit (unit, hp) void       Subtract hp hit points from unit
DoAutoUnload void     Do not use this - according to the original documentation
DoCannotAffordSupport void     Does nothing
DoLandInOcean void     Does nothing
DoOutOfFuel void     Does nothing
DoPillageOwnLand (unit) void   Pillages the unitís current square, even if it belongs to the unitís owner
ExecuteAllOrders void   Cause all units to execute queued up orders
Heal (unit) void   Fully heals the specified unit
KillUnit (unit) void       Kill the unit
SelectUnit (unit) void   Select the specified unit as if the user clicked on it
StealRandomAdvance void   A spy steals a random advance from a city
StealSpecificAdvance void   A spy steals a specific advance from a city
ToggleVeteran (unit, onoff) void       Switches the unit's veteran status on/off (1 = on, 0 = off).

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