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31.Aug 10 New or updated files in Downloads and Modification
28.Aug Patch 1.2 in Downloads and Modification
26.Aug 4 new or updated files in Downloads and Modification
24.Aug Links updated
21.Aug PowerSlics 1.71 in database
18.Aug 4 New files in Modification. All files fom the modification page added in database
17.Aug 7 New files in database
(August 31) In the database that is. 10 new or updated files today, including PowerSlics 1.8(patch 1.2 compliant), 2 mods wy WesW and 2 Mofication files. Links to all these can be found in the Downloads pages. Also, we have some unofficial hacks of the english Patch 1.2 which allow it to be used with the localized versions. More info and links can be found here.

(August 28) "Good things take time" says a old greek saying :) So, here is(only on Apolyton at the time of this writing), the CCTP Updater 1.2!

Instructions: The update will work for all Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT English CD-ROM versions of Call to Power.
It will upgrade Call to Power from the release version, or version 1.1, to version 1.2. If upgrading from 1.1 to 1.2 you will need to consult the Advanced User Notes in the 1.2 Readme for saving a scenario/map while in the Map Editor.

New Features:

  • Hot Seat Play
  • Play By Email
  • Hotseat/PBEM Interface Screen
  • Scenario Pack Interface (description, test plan)
  • New Scenario Options
  • New suite of build queue messages
  • Turns-to-next-pop display on City Screen instead of a food readout
  • Trade routes can be toggled on and off
  • Message Eyepoints can be activated from the keyboard
  • Message indicating what city slaves were sent to after successful enslavement was added
  • Tile Improvement placement precision increased

    Bug Fixes:

  • Graphics freeze from double-clicking an advance to research.
  • Trading with AI Bug Fixed.
  • Captured cities get selected.
  • Fixed eyepoint click centering AND selecting the city in some messages
  • Fixed CD-check requirement that each player have a CD in multiplayer saved games.
  • Fixed hardcoded "Reset Trade Route" string
  • AI stop-trespassing behavior is improved
  • Boats/Undersea Tunnels pathing problem fixed
  • Can continue play when someone wins the alien endgame
  • Autocentering on special attacks now happens correctly
  • Chat window scrolling bug fixed

    So, what do you think of the sceond patch? Tell us on our new poll!

    (August 28) After 913 votes, our Do you play multiplayer games? poll is over iwth a bit negative results for CTP's multiplayer. A total of 55% doesnt play multiplayer games for verious reasons, more important being that they just dont play multiplayer at all(24%)! A big problem is also that there is therent many people out there to play with(18%), and the other problem is time(13%). However there is quit big 14% that plays "whenever possible", and another 18% "from time to time". Plus a 6% which is waiting for PBEM(which has finally arrived on the 1.2 Patch). An overall 38% of positive votes. Well, it's not such a big diffrence, isn't it?

    2+2 FILES
    (August 26) 2 New and 2 updated files today. These are Lee Water's LW1 Standalone mod(replaced older mod of LW), Really Play CTP Add-on for CD's mod is now in version 1.1 and also new Fantasy Units for Littlewing and Wonders&Buildings Artwork from Harlan Thompson.

    (August 24) Yes, Activision is planing a DVD-Rom version of CTP. What they going to do with the extra space? Well, we asked John Heinecke and he said "The movies and sounds are remixed for MPEG-2, there are two new music tracks, and we've included all of the design concept art on the CD". So, CTP on the DVD drive, the sound going on a HiFi system, video output on a big TV screen, the ultimate civ experience? :) The DVD-ROM version is expected late September...

    (August 21) TP came up with some improvements, so here is PowerSlics 1.71
    (August 17) Yeah, it took us a while, but we finally have new files for you: Erik Mod 2.0, Really Play CTP..., PowerSlics 1.6, LW1 CD Mod Add-on, Deutsches Mod v1.0, Unit Graphics for CD's Mod and Satelite Unit. We now have 42 ctp files with almost 34000 downloads.

    MORE NEWS...

    (August 18) 4 Addition in the Modification page today: the EasyMod Uility and a total of 6 units graphics in 3 files. Beyond that, all the files opf the page have been added to the Database so that you can rate them and check how many times they have been downloaded.
    Our DB now has 59 files, if you have a ctp file that we don't have, please mail us at markg@apolyton.net

    (August 15) Omar Al-Samarrai is disappointed. The MPOG reviewer for CTP, he sites that while the game "has all the right ingredients to be an all-time 'great', it fails in many important areas". As a result, he gave the game a barely-passing 60% grade of approval. Some excerpts:
    "All the animations in the game are stunning, providing well-drawn people and backdrops each of which maintain fluid movement throughout. The other game movies are known as 'Wonder Movies.' These clips add immensely to the title and without them would make for very stagnant game.
    It provides a hugely in-depth and well-balanced technology tree.The game isn't progressed through time but through advancements; this has a major advantage in that you are able to get the technological edge against an opponent if you are more proficient in your strategy. The technology tree does contain a large variety of units and technologies, which only become available as you research different branches. Disappointingly, you are often streamed into a pre-scripted branch according to early advancements you choose to research.
    One of the better aspects to the game is the addition of alternative warfare, as most modern governments know all too clearly, war doesn't have to include tanks and heavy artillery, neither does it have to include sophisticated alien technologies.
    Despite this if I were to give you one piece of advice relating to the purchase of this software, it would be to wait just a little longer and see what the imminent 'New' Civilisation titles will be like. If you really can't wait and are literally pinning after 2 years since the last Civilization installment, then I will say in 1 to 2 more patches time this game could be well worth the money

    (August 13) Yes, you read it right! Check our our official Press Release for more information on how to tune in and participate.

    (August 10) A dream has come true today. Our CTP Files Database now allows visitors to rate the files. Thomas Mathison(a.k.a. Mentat) worked on this for several weeks, and really deserves a big "thank you" from everyone! So, what are you doing here? Rate!

    (August 10) Reviews of CTP continue to pop up all over the place... or, at the very least, more and more posted some time ago are finally being "discovered".
    The two-page review from Evil Avatar gives the game only two stars. All in all, reviewer Sean Seger gave a balanced weigh of the ups and downs, and provided decently detailed explanations to his arguments. Here are some excerpts:
    "When I first bought Call to Power, I was excited... Alas, my preparations were for naught. Oh, it's not as if you couldn't play CTP for hours, because you could. The problem is, the hours of game play would not come from an engrossing loss of the sense of time. It would come from the game's flawed interface, slow as sap in winter pace, and frustrating resource hogging.
    For all its bad, though, there is good to this game.
    The first thing that impressed me were the graphics.The graphics to
    CTP are leaps and bounds better. The second thing that jumped out at me were the new units. The military units have been expanded of course, but the game designers did a number developing new units to enhance gameplay.
    With the military aspect of the game, I liked the newer battle aspects. I also liked the information it provided as far as defensive and terrain adjustments.
    As for the improvements, gone are innumerable settlers and engineers building things and congesting the map. Now, thereís a Public Works pool. This was a huge improvement, and something I hope to see carried over to any incarnations of Civilization that come after
    Unfortunately this game has some serious flaws. The first big problem, and this is the biggest in my mind: The interface. It is cumbersome and unwieldy, and made the game so much more of a chore than it needed to be. The menus. The menus just donít cut it. Gone are the individual city screens. The effort was to make the government you run seem more unified, rather than segmented between the cities. Unfortunately, the cities still work like they used to.
    Other, inexplicable changes include diplomacy. Actually, itís a rather crippled and useless diplomacy model. So much of the game is focused on military and non-military conquest via units built that diplomacy doesnít have much of a place. A huge step backward here.

    Civilization: Call to Power could have been a great game. Actually, it could have been one of the greatest games of all time. New units, new focuses, and new elements of gameplay added to a classic and beloved game. Unfortunately, it was saddled with a horrible interface, it was paced intolerably slow, and it dropped the ball with some classic parts of the game that helped make Civilization and Civilization II so popular (either screwing them up, or not including them). Die hard strategy fans might enjoy this game, but overall this is a poor outing by a strategy powerhouse in a year when a lot of great turn based strategy games are being released".

    (August 4) If you missed our Birthday Chat(trancript now available), you also missed Owlboy(Steve Mariotti, Lead Programmer) and Azmel(Richard Myers, AI Programmer) from the CTP Team. They stayed for some time, and the outcome was an interesting discussion and some news.
    On the international patches: the English(US/UK) patch is in testing as we already know, and the others will follow later as the "QA department can only work on one localization of CTP at a time". The German patch will be second and the rest will follow, as in the case of the first patch.
    On Activision-made scenarios: "Yes, we're going to do a few scenarios. Our designer, Winnie, has a scenario with heavy SLIC code that plays like a Zelda game... She's done some amazing things with SLIC. We've only scratched the surface of the capabilities". While Owlboy mentioned that this scenario was done to show SLIC's power, we expect to see it sooner or later
    Other than that, there was discussion on CTP's diplomacy model, the trade system, fixed or random AI personalities, and generally feedback on what works and what not on CTP. References to "future versions of CTP" were not unsual :)
    Check out the full thing on the trancript!

    (August 2) For the first half of 1999, can you guess what title holds the #16 spot for top-selling software for the PC? If you guessed Activision's C:CTP, than you would be right! This is what PC Data is reporting today. As for how CTP has faired recently in sales, that information should be released shortly.

    (August 2) Just when you thought the word was out from all corners of the gaming community with their take on C:CTP, it's time to think again. Mindjack Magazine's Editor Donald Melanson has given CTP a 7/10 overall rating. Here are some excerpts from his review:
    "Graphics and sound have obviously been improved significantly since CivII (1996). The music is especially deserving of mention, incorporating a wide range of world music that is perfectly suited for a game of this type. My only complaint here is that there isn't more of it, only [after] about 30 minutes so you're likely to hear a fair bit of repetition.
    If you haven't played a
    Civilization game before this probably isn't the best place to start. Although it has a training mode, it doesn't ease players into the game as well as others in the series. It also comes with a comprehensive manual that even experienced Civ players will want to read through.
    Despite these small faults gamers looking for a complex and substantial strategy game will find a lot to like in
    Civilization: Call to Power".

    (August 2) One of the more supportive reviews to date, PC Zone Magazine out of the UK has given C:CTP a 89% grade of approval!
    "Call To Power takes the same concept [tile improvements] a step further and does the upkeep accounting centrally, too. Most improvements and buildings cost a certain amount of gold each turn, and this is calculated not on a city-by-city basis, but from the whole civilisation's coffers.
    Another novel idea that
    Call To Power introduces is three levels of military readiness...
    Civilization: Call To Power will please a lot of Civ fans yelling for more, but it still has the mass appeal to attract a whole new generation of would-be strategy gamers. Despite the apparent complexity, it's not too daunting...
    With the possibilities opened up by its space and undersea exploitation, coupled with the fascinating creative units,
    Call To Power is an addictive addition to the rehabilitated turn-based genre. Perhaps not quite a bullseye, but not far off".
    To read the entire review, you must subscribe to their free service by providing your full name and email address; this is the reason why the review cannot be linked to directly from here.

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