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25.Sep PowerSlics 2.00
21.Sep Spanish&German 1.2 Patches
17.Sep German 1.2 Patch
11.Sep News archived. 11 New or updated files in Downloads and Modification
(September 29) All sorts of news today from Activision. The "circle of the 1.2 patches" :) is closing today with the Italian Patch v1.2(3.6MB). The demo of CTP has appeared on some magazines(at least on Novemeber's issue of PC Gaming World as JimMac has posted on the forums), and according to John Heineicke it will be available online next week. Watch out though, as it is 75MB!! Finally, the DVD version of CTP, about which we had talked a couple of weeks ago, is out. It will be a bit difficult to find though, as Activision hasn't distributed many copies.

(September 25) Another beautifull piece of CTP modification is complete. PowerSLICs v2.00 is the final version(for the time being at least) of TP's work with the SLIC language. Here is a short feature list:

1. Public Work reminder
2. Warning on bombarding
3. Ranking messages
4. A lot of Great Library buttons and Eyeicons added to various messages
5. Synchronising of important war messages work now
7. New messageicons for new messages
8. Disappearing Unit syndrome fixed
9. Attack Replay fixed
10. Activision's patch 1.2 building messages used in principal (however updated)
11. Unit building inconsistency fixed
12. Menu when clicking on enemy units
13. Auto-close of specific messages on your decision
14. Implemented Civ2-Feature: Add Settler to City
15. PowerSLICs 2.00 is available in German, French and English language
And...... a much better installation procedure for this final version.

'In House': GameStats' Review; Click To Read (September 24) You can add one more review of CTP to your list, and a comprehensive one at that! GameStats' very own Hemlock has completed his review of the game, and has given it a positive spin on Activision's addition to the long-running Civilization series. Hemlock gave the game a 8/10 overall rating which, given some of the bad press CTP has received by some sectors of the gaming community, is a welcome change. It is one of the more well-rounded reviews that has surfaced in that in making any kind of statement, good or bad, Hemlock provides and details facts and/or examples to back it up. Here are just a few excerpts from the 8-page(!) review:

"... most of the advancements in CTP over previous Civilization games is a quantity issue. There are more unit types. There are more buildings and city improvements. There are more technologies to discover... And there are more problems and bugs.
One improvement that has worked well, and been well-received by the gaming community, is the visual and aural arena of
CTP. Graphics are now fully animated, 16-bit, high-resolution images, including the units, terrain, interface screens, wonders and just about anything else you get to see.
CTP takes modularity to new heights, with virtually all factors of the game easily controlled through simple text files, allowing for complete customization and making the CTP game engine a tinkerer's dream. It can also be a nightmare. Largely undocumented, the text files and several add-on utilities can be confusing until you've worked with them a while.
Except for a few bugs, some still evident after the patch, all of the units in the game can be useful, which is saying a lot when there are 65 different units with vastly different characteristics... Many of the special units fall into categories that are similarly poorly implemented by the AI. At higher levels these drawbacks were less of a problem since the AI coordinates its attacks and defends itself far better than at the easy levels.

CTP has one of the most extensible AI systems in use in any computer game. Through simple text files, players can modify the strategic decisions of the various civilizations, making a particular race pacifistic for example, or xenophobic.
A more abstract system,
CTP's trade is accomplished through simple dialog boxes and can be altered at any time throughout the game. The interface in CTP on the other hand fails miserably. While it's obvious that considerable time and effort on the part of the designers went into the interface, and while it is very pretty to look at, it simply takes too many mouse clicks to do anything.
In spite of
[all the problems] with CTP, it's still a fun and addicting game. [It] probably won't make it to that superstar status, but I'll be playing it for some time and I won't be removing it until I at least run out of hard drive space. And I seem to keep adding hard drive space these days.".

To read all of it, and to browse through some nifty screenshots, follow this link.

(September 21) Next week, they said, next week they deliver. Patches v1.2 for the Spanish and the French CTP fans are here. As for what they contain, look at the news item below about the english patch. The one remaining localized version is the Italian one, which is still in QA.

(September 17) Today is raining news :) Loki, Activision and the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts announced today Loki Hack 1999 to be held on October 11 through 13 at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta in conjunction with the Atlanta Linux Showcase. According to the official press release
"During Loki Hack, up to 30 qualified hackers will have 48 hours in a secure setting to make alterations to the Linux source code for this game. In turn Loki will make available in binary form all resulting work from the contest. Winners of this unique contest will be announced during the Atlanta Linux Showcase. First prize will be a dual-processor workstation (running Linux of course)...
...The hackers will have full reign to add features, alter logic, or implement additional library support. Upon conclusion of the contest, a panel of judges will evaluate the hacks and award prizes to the best hack and runners up."

Sounds amazing, isnt' it? You can apply to be one of the 30 on the official site

(September 17) As with the first patch, the Germans are the luckiest of the people with a localized ctp. Without further delay, here is the German Updater v1.2. As for the rest patches, in John Heinecke's own words "French, Italian and Spanish will follow soon, hopefully next week".

(September 17) Well, if you remember, Westlake Interactive is working on the Mac port of CTP(Macsoft will publish it). Well, it their Project Status page they list CTP as coming on October! Still, it's characterized as "First Playable", not even Alpha. Anyway, the moment we have more about it, you'll read it here...

11 FILES, 8 MB
(September 11) New and updated files in our Database: Meet the Challenge, Ultimate CTP Combo MOD v1.5(the best add-ons for CD's mod combined), and the Harlan's WW2 Units(64 of them!), as well as a new version of Medieval Mod(1.2). Also 3 Maps for multiplayer games, and a new map of Europe. In the Modification section, a Huscarl units, and Harlan Thompson's WW2 Units in "raw" format(4MB), plus the latest version of EasyMod Utility(v3.2). Also in the Modification, we have two lists with all the variables and functions of SLIC. And this is not the end! 1.21 Hack, which fixes some problems of the 1.2 patch, the French Add-on for 1.2 Patch the easy way to use th enelgish 1.2 patch in the French version of CTP. Yes, that's a total of 8MB of files. Enough for you? :)

JULY '99
JUNE '99
MAY '99
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